Nia is a first generation Caribbean American; born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. It was expected that she would follow in the footsteps of the matriarchs of her family and pursue a career in something conservative, stable and of course with a high salaried! Early on she it was clear to her that despite her family's expectations her path would be quite different. 

What began as a song and dance, or comedy routine after dinner quickly turned into weekly acting classes; and parts in several plays. It was official, she was bitten by the acting bug! Making her conservative Caribbean family laugh and applaud was quite the challenge. When they did, it was a sure sign that she was onto something. A Trinidadian crowd is a very tough crowd… As the self designated family entertainer she spent the next several years torturing her Trini mother with talks of Shakespeare, monologues, show tunes, and a countless number of car rides from Brooklyn into New York City where she would take weekly acting classes and voice lessons at City Lights Youth Theater.

As High School approached her dreams came true when she was accepted into the prestegious La Guardia H.S. of Performing Arts in New York City. Prior to attending La Guardia she spent the summer studying at The British American Youth Festival in their summer intensive theater program. After having an amazing life changing experience at La Guardia she attended The New School in conjunction with The American Musical and Dramatic Academy; graduating with a BFA in acting and a minor in classical voice. 

The experience gained in conservatory, and dedicating her life to studying the craft of acting transformed what was once her family’s after dinner entertainment into an impassioned artist; crazy enough to attempt acting professionally.Awards